Garage Organization St. Louis

Garage Organization St. Louis

Having a hard time finding space for your car or just need your own place to get away? Since 1985, Beyond Storage in St. Louis has been creating maximized storage space solutions and improving garage organization. With our experience, we can transform your garage into an efficient and fun work and storage environment.

Our design consultants will work with you in creating a garage interior that incorporates custom garage cabinets, shelves, drawers and multi-functional slat walls to maximize your storage space. We can even add countertops and other accessories to create a workshop or gardening center.


Bring chaos to order with custom cabinets from Beyond Storage. Enclosed garage cabinets are ideal for making use of unused, vertical space while keeping things hidden behind closed doors. Store everything from games and seasonal décor and clothing that often overflow the home to seldom-used camping gear, sporting equipment and larger tools. Our design team will work with you in creating a unique, yet functional, cabinets system to suit your lifestyle.



Reclaim your garage storage space with custom shelves. Garage shelves are great for holding baskets and storage bins that contain your family’s most often-used items, such as baseball gloves, gardening supplies and more. Whether you’re looking for overhead shelving or shelves to integrate with your garage cabinets, our team of designers at Beyond Storage will work with you to create a custom look that accommodates your needs.



Durable, garage storage drawers provide instant organization for keeping all of your garage essentials secure and easily accessible. At Beyond Storage, we will work with you to create custom-made drawer solutions that can be integrated into your cabinets or near your workbench to create additional storage space for those small work items, such as nails, screws and other hand tools and materials.



Complete your garage projects efficiently with custom countertop solutions. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or more a modern style workspace, integrating countertop solutions from Beyond Storage can create added space designated – easily-accessible – for working on handyman tasks, do-it-yourself projects, gardening and more.


Slat Wall

Designed to meet a number of organizational needs, slat walls are a great way to efficiently utilize unused space in your garage and keep things stored off the floor. Options for hooks are available to hang your favorite small tools, while heavy-duty brackets are designed to hold larger equipment, such as bicycles, golf bags, skis, and other more. You can even attach baskets and bins to keep your smaller everyday items in view and within easy reach without sacrificing counter space.

To view examples of our garage storage renovations visit our Garage Gallery. Let the Beyond Storage create the custom garage interior you have always dreamed of. Contact Us today for more information.