Reach-In Closet in St. Louis

Reach-In Closet in St. Louis

When space is at a premium, the need for organization can be even more important. Our designers will work with you to deliver a complete closet organizer system regardless of the size, shape, or location of your closet. At Beyond Storage in St. Louis, each custom reach-in closet is designed by a professional closet organizer to maximize closet space and improve functionality.

Our reach-in closets can be customized to provide room for both long and short hanging garments, shelves for storing shoes and accessories, and drawers for keeping folded garments neat and easily accessible.

When working with Beyond Storage, the possibilities are endless even though your space may not be. We also offer a variety of accessories for your custom reach-in closet including baskets, bins, hampers, and much more.

To receive a free consultation from the closet organizers at Beyond Storage, contact us today at 314.997.0150.